Cloud of Clouds System to Protect Shared Data

  • Dr. G. Lakshmi Vara Prasad, Yenikapati NagaJyothi


Right now, a cloud-backed storage system capable of storing and sharing big data in a secure, reliable, and efficient way utilizing multiple cloud providers and storage repositories to follow the legal requirements of sensitive personal data. Right now implements three distinctive features: (1) it does not require trust on any single entity, (2) it does not require any client-managed server, and (3) it efficiently deals with large files over a set of geo-dispersed storage services. Besides that, we developed a novel Byzantine-resilient data-centric leasing convention to keep away from write-write conflicts between clients accessing shared repositories. We evaluate this system utilizing miniaturized scale and application-based benchmarks reenacting representative work processes from bioinformatics, a prominent big data space. The results show that our unique design isn't only feasible but likewise presents an end-to-end performance of up to 2:5χ better than other cloud-backed solutions.