Web Search User Interface for Elderly: A Systematic Literature Review

  • Khalid Krayz Allah et al.


The number of older people is rapidly increasing in most of the countries around the world and
also their use of the Internet is increasing. They daily use Internet for searching various
information and that too through different search engines. Search user interface is a way of
communication and interaction between users and search engines to obtain the target
information. Previously technologies were designed to improve human being’s daily life, but
among elderly people specific needs are often neglected. Those available technology designs
could be very much difficult for the older ones to learn and use. Thus, this trend attracts the
researchers to take a look on the web search activity for the usage of elders in professional as
well as business fields. Even though there is a significant growth in this field of research, there
hasn’t been any attempts made for systematically analyzing and utilizing the researches from
previous papers to make it usable for the current research purpose. This paper aims to gather
and accumulate facts from the available research articles and show the challenges that could be
faced while developing web search UI for the elderly. In this paper a detailed Systematic
Literature Review is done by collecting all the surveys as well as research papers published over
a period of time and reviewine them by using a pre-defined reviewing procedure thereby using
those strategies, to study the research papers.