Block Chain for Disaster Relief Supply Management

  • Mrs.R.Sujatha et al.


The calamites and disasters caused by nature such as floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions,
storms, earth quakes, tsunami etc are always high. These disasters are very hazardous to the people
and their belongings (Cutter, 2005). Many rescue agencies, social welfare organizations, public
always join together to help the deprived and the needy. The needy and the deprived victims require
immediate help and relief operations. But it may not be possible because of the calamites caused by
the disaster. It becomes essential to provide immediate relief operations and hence the advanced
techniques of Science and Technology are used to overcome the challenges caused by the disaster .
Blockchain technology is one of the advancements in the field of Technology which helps to
overcome the loss of time and cost and provides a quick response to the victims. The proposed system
helps to understand how to improve and enhance the disaster management by using various
approaches and implementation models. Block chain technology which is used facilitates the affected
victims to get their relief as early and quick as possible.