A Survey on Road Damage Assessment System using LiDAR

  • Lakshmanan M, Aadithya K, Abhay Ankith Reddy K


    Nowadays in every modern country, the road infrastructure plays a vital part of the development status of the nation. It is one of the important criterion with which we can assess a nation’s progress in terms of logistics and ease of accessibility and transportation. Only few states make an effort to maintain and to supervise road damages on a regular basis and even the ones that do find it very hard to do a proper job due to negligence and difficulty. Improper maintenance and minimal surveying of the road surfaces in population centers and on national highways could lead to a multitude of ill-effects such as increase in road accidents and consequent fatalities or injuries to commuters, vehicular damages, social costs and compromising on safety regulations. So we propose a system which incorporates IoT and LiDAR Technology for implementing a sensor-based monitoring network that will substantially improve the pavement surveying methodology that will make the nation’s roads safer.