Automatic Detection and Classification of Fabrics using Computer Vision

  • Mr. T. H. Feiroz Khan, Nimisha Yadav, Ashwin Vatsa, Raj Kumar Roy


          The computer vision might be a logical strategy that manages how computers are much of the time made exceptionally reasonable utilizing advanced pictures or recordings. From the designing viewpoint, it tries to mechanize assessments that the people can do. Assessment of genuine fabric deformities, aside from this the fabrics are to be ordered well that is utilizing the computer vision we will have the option to separate between the fabrics which are  utilized in any fabric or other material. Characterization of fabric imperfection discovery strategies is helpful in deciding the characteristics of recognized proposed system. Utilizing the division strategy we could have the correct shading recognizable proof and deformities in the fabric. The measurable methodology and model based methodology are insufficient to give the deformities in the fabrics. The major work is to do inspection for finding out the defects in the fabrics and to use the statistical approaches and model based approaches. while the operation is proceed without threshold segmentation there are some disadvantages for proper colour identification of the gray scale images and the systems are time taking. such tasks provides clear pictures and uses traditional method which provides high accuracy.