Agricultural Robot – A pesticide spraying device

  • P.Rajesh Kanna et al.


A pesticide spraying ramble is the device for exact pesticide spraying equipped for managing nebulous
shapes and variable article targets. The gadget incorporates a solitary splash siphon engine with a
consequently separate flexible spraying utilizing ultrasonic sensors, all mounted on a pan tilt unit. The
site-explicit spraying gadget plans to splash explicit targets while diminishing the utilization of
pesticides. The proposed framework includes the advancement of an article explicit sprayer
arrangement. The created gadget intends to diminish pesticide application by spraying singular targets
explicitly by setting the item separation of the spraying as per the objective. The spraying device is
equipped for decreasing the measure of pesticides connected. Real reserve funds rely upon the spraying
lengths, target size, and appropriation. We trust that such a device can be utilized in present day
farming and can be joined with an automated sprayer exploring independently along yield fields. Such
a gadget will add to decreased pesticide application.