Segmentation And Feature Extraction Of H-Alpha Solar Images Observed From Kodaikanal Solar Observatory

  • Dr. Hemamalini G E, Dr. J Prakash


The main aim of our project is to use the Hα telescope facility and obtain the images of the Sun in strong Hα line whose wavelength is 6563Å. Hα telescope consists of Lyot filter which can be tuned to any location on the strong Hα absorption line in steps of 0.4Å and images at these locations on the line profile will be obtained. On the images obtained Image Processing techniques such as enhancement and segmentation are applied in order to detect and extract the features for which intensity v/s time graph is plotted. The time series analysis was developed on Hα images which were observed for two hours with the time resolution of two minute cadence and derived the intensity at the centre, 0.4Å and 0.8Å of the solar disk and time series graph is plotted. In addition, the evolution of the dark filaments has been examined which leads to the occurrence of the solar flare, which has high impact on earth’s climate, space weather and satellite communication.