Structural Modeling of the Electronic Educational Complex for Studying the Legislative and Regulatory Documents of Civil Aviation

  • Shukurova Sabokhat Muratjanovna, Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi


The results of research in the field of digitalization of methodical support of training process of aviation dispatchers are presented. As a subject area of research, the development of an electronic educational complex for the study of civil aviation documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan and ICAO, regulating the processes of organization and maintenance of aircraft flights are considered. The structure of the electronic educational complex for the purpose of development of software and algorithmic means is formalized with the help of the multiplicity theoretical approach, which allowed to carry out on the computer the construction of various variants of educational tasks on legislative and regulatory documents, which are issued to students for study and mastering. The educational complex allows to raise essentially efficiency of training by granting unlimited time for independent work on study of documents of civil aviation. At structural modelling the necessary more theoretic and multiple statements which have formed a basis for construction of various kinds of occupations are formulated.