Ensuring Privacy Preservation Access Control mechanism in Cloud based on Identity Based Derived Key

  • Suresha D., Dr. K. Karibasappa


Cloud computing is a dominant technology that involves massive amounts of data storage and access via the internet. Because there is a large amount of data stored in data centers, it is critical to implement appropriate access control mechanisms over data stored in a cloud. Today, there are numerous access control mechanisms available to provide confidentiality, privacy, and data origin authentication in a cloud environment. The available access control techniques may have a higher computational overhead and lack security concerns. In this paper, we designed and implemented a privacy-preserving access control in cloud computing using derived key identity-based encryption. The proposed method may reduce computational overhead while generating the key while also increasing the robustness of cryptographic keys. During the key generation process, the trusted key canter (TKC) is involved. The experimental results show that the proposed method reduces computational overhead and provides an easy way to implement an access control mechanism in a cloud environment.