Braille Pad for Visually Impaired People

  • Neha Adhav, N. M. Wagdarikar, N. S. Kawathekar, Pooja Bhosale, Ankita Sapkal


In our everyday life the media transmission innovation assumes a significant part. It has totally progressives the manner in which we convey, particularly significant distance correspondence. In spite of every one of these headway in the media transmission field, the actually disabled individuals have no entrance for these innovations. So as a stage to overcome any barrier between the visually impaired individuals and the innovative progression in the media transmission field we chose to plan a SMS framework for them by interfacing Braille pad with the wireless so double disabled individual can have the admittance to the SMS framework and through which they can take significant notes. Here the client sends the SMS to the visually impaired individual's versatile number which is associated with the microcontroller which peruses the SMS utilizing GSM module through the AT orders and afterward changes over the letters of the SMS into the Braille language utilizing the query table in its memory. With the assistance of 6 transfers Microcontroller (PIC18F4520) vibrates the Braille pad on which the visually impaired individual can peruse the SMS.