Digital Image Watermarking using Hybrid Technique

  • Preeti, Mrs. Neha


In the modern era of Information and Communication Technology, there is a great exchange of information between the users and every user need more and more secure communication in order to provide security. Security issue in watermarking is due to enlargement of internet. Due to the development in computer networks, digital data can be easily copied, altered and distributed in an illegal manner. Therefore, copyright protection of digital data is an important research issue of information security. In order to provide the authenticity to multimedia data techniques like encryption, stenography, watermarking is used. After going through various high-quality research paper, it came to know that there are various methods exist for executing digital watermarking successfully as per requirement of applications. In our implemented work, first section is to collect high-quality data set from reliable sources followed by diverse attacks testing so that proposed method must be robust against different attacks. After comparative analysis, proposed method gives better result than existed techniques.