Design of Single Phase Smart Energy Meter

  • Krishna Malani, Shilpa Jahagirdar, Smita Badarkhe, Divya Karale, Barkat Khan


 Energy meters, undoubtedly, have a very important role to play in the power distribution. The proposed system presents single phase electrical energy meter based on a micro-controller. It can measure various supply parameters including voltage, current and power consumed. This electronic meter does not possess any rotating parts and the energy consumption can be easily read from LCD. Besides that, energy consumption is   stored in the microcontroller’s EEPROM memory. This action is necessary to ensure a correct measurement even in the event of an electrical outage or brown out. As soon as the supply is restored, the meter restarts with the stored value. Such System uses MODBUS RTU communication protocol. To check the performance and then testing of the meters the IS standard IS 13799 can be used.