Effectiveness of Vedic Mathematics for 6th to 8th Standard Students.

  • Kavita S. Chauhan, Dr. Mohd. Farman Ali


In the classrooms we are noticed that many of the students are afraid from the Mathematics and everytime they invent such a way from solving examples of multiplication at any chapters which they require. Many times students are not able to perform good at exam level and not to get full marks in it. According to this mater and poor performance of the students to solve the such problems related with Mathematics solutions. The researcher takes such types of actionsand research to study on using Vedic Mathematics techniques of  multiplication for students in the classrooms. The present study focused on the chapters of books of Mathematics of 6th standard to 8th standard. Solve the examples with various methods of multiplication. This research is also focuses the  performances of the students  and time taken for solving the problems with related graphs.