Touchless Embedded Design of Automation Dispenser System for Prevention of COVID-19

  • Dipali Wadkar, Priya Kandalgi, Dipti Kulkarni, Goutami Nalla


 An automatic hand sanitizer dispensing machine consist of four circuits that is hand sanitizer tank, liquid hand soap tank, drinking water tank, normal water tank is automated, non-contact, alcohol- based hand sanitizer dispenser, which finds its use in hospitals, work places, offices, schools and much more. Alcohol is basically a solvent, and also a very good disinfectant when compared to liquid soap or solid soap, also it does not need water to wash off since it is volatile and vaporizes instantly after application to hands. It is also proven that a concentration of greater than 70% alcohol can kill Coronavirus in hands. Here, an ultrasonic sensor senses the hand placed near it, the Atmega8 is used as a microcontroller, which senses the distance and the result is the pump running to pump out the hand sanitizer.