Global Research On Hydroponics: A Bibliometric Analysis

  • Dr. R. Parameswaran, Dr. Anil Agrawal, Dr. Jawahar Lal,Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh,


            This paper analysis the research output of hydroponics publications for the period 1989 -2020. The data for the study was downloaded from the Web of Science database.  The minimum distribution of publications in the year is 1990 14 (0.16%) whereas the maximum distribution is 869 (9.89%) in the year 2020. The most prolific author is Zhang GP 65 (0.75%). The country China contributed 1829  (20.99%) publications and secured first position. The most productive Institution is the Chinese Academy of Sciences 176 (2.02%) publications. The highest number of publications are from the Journal of Plant Nutrition, 351 (4.03%).