A Study of Impact of COVID-19 on FMCG Product with Special Reference to Hand Sanitizer Users of the Rural Area in Indore District

  • Dr. Ankur Saxsena


The whole world has been facing pandemic disease of COVID -19 since November 2019 till the date problem is remain same around the world only the difference that some country has fewer positive cases of the COVID 19 and some Country has fewer rate of growth of Covid19 positive cases, but so far no specific standard treatment for COVID -19 in the World, but. the raised of hope from Vaccine of COVID 19, but, it would be said right treatment of COVID 19, it will be said so very quick, right now we can say the prevention is better than the cure for this disease, the prevention by using hand Sensitizer, it can be helpful for stopping to spread of COVID 19.This Study is based on FMCG product with reference to hand sanitizer, the study conducted in rural area of Indore district.