Generated Dataset For Recognition System With Fewer Artifacts Using Iris

  • M. Roshini, Dr. G. Vasanth, Dr. G. N. Kodandaramaiah


Based on the human characteristics the accurate identity of a person can be accurately possible through iris recognition. The iris enjoys a few benefits like uniqueness, dependability, high acknowledgment rate, and non-contact etc. The iris technology though contains many advantages but still facing some challenges which is stopping it for adopting by many people. There are still certain improvements that can be made to improve their accuracy in areas with poor lighting, long stand-off distances, and moving targets. For doing research in iris recognition,can make use of generated datasets of many subjects under different conditions were made public and with no cost are available as well as contains private databases which are limited to the organizations. In this paper presenting anatomy of eye, the past study about iris recognition, step by step process of iris recognition, available datasets and also introducing a new generated dataset to implement the segmentation algorithm in the iris recognition process.