Implementation of Digital Image Watermarking using Raspberry Pi4

  • Noor Mohammed Abdulwahab, Dr. Nasseer M. Basheer


             Multimedia applications have exploded because of the Internet revolution. As a result, it has become a standard practice to copy, transfer, and share digital data, which has led in the unlawful use of data resources and the hacking of it by unauthorized users.

One of the recommended methods for copyright protection is digital watermarking. This study emphasizes the need of digital image watermarking, which secures images by hiding a watermark image in it, to show its legal ownership.

This study proposed a technique for embedding and retrieving a watermark image. For further protection, the watermark image is encrypted with a secret key and implemented on the Raspberry Pi4 platform.It gave a good robustness against many attacks. Python has been used to perform and implement this work.