Implementation of 2.4 GHz LNA for Wireless Applications

  • G. T. Bharathy, S. Bhavanisankari, M. Meena, V. Balaji


Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) circuit is available in the initial juncture of microwave receiver, and this stage has vital role in minimizing noise figure of the system, providing required gain with adequate linearity, and guarantees steady 50 Ω input impedance. The modeling of a LNA in Microwave (MW) circuit necessitates the trade-off between various significant features like gain, Noise Figure (NF), stability. This state of affairs compels the designers to create alternatives in the design of MW circuits. The vital objective of the paper is that it implements a single stage 2.4 GHz LNA design by means of single-stub microstrip lines with minimum lengths using Agilent ATF-21170. The amplifier is manually designed using conventional techniques, Smith chart is used for the matching of the input and output of the amplifier. Optimization of the designed amplifier is done using Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS 2020) software.