Significance of Central Library System and Utilization of Information Resources and Services for Students of Higher Education System

  • Achala Bhattacharjee


The present paper tries to reflect the effectiveness of central library planning and information resources on the overall development of the students and also to find out the responsibility of libraries in enhancing research and development activities in higher educational system. This study will also helps in finding out the students choices regarding library, and how library system plays an important role in their life in different aspects that motivates and discourage them for the library. It will also be a supportive signal on how significant appropriate learning of library, as it enhances information expertise in the students for effectual retrieval. Today in this world of technology, this is the era when the globe has turn into a smaller place and community are looking to make it smaller still.  It is as well hoped that the learning will be a guideline for the librarians, students, faculty and to the people in power to be familiar with the users information necessity and provide them concrete instructions for future development. a few major role of libraries as an educator, motivator, a personal and as manager will be explained all the way in this article.