Crop Fortification Method by Smart IoT Based Smart Agriculture Protection System

  • B. Gouri, S. Riyazbanu


Agriculture is the fundamental part in the improvement of horticultural nation. In India around 70% of masses depends on developing and 33% of the nation's capital starts from developing. In this paper we are giving a successful answer for agriculturists..

Without any human interpretation the warding off the animals over their crop fields and orchards can be controlled,and the protection of the crop fields is done by using some consequently controlled ultrasonic creature repellent ringers, IR Sensor and Raspberry pi  this system is been used.

It will likewise empower them to remotely screen their fields from wherever, in this manner taking out the need of physical nearness of a man in the fields .

Raspberry pi goes about as the mind of the framework. Its work is to deal with every one of the parts of the framework. It is in charge of the preparing the video nourish from the camera and programmed exchanging of the ringers. It will likewise empower the ranchers to screen their fields remotely.

            An IR sensor  is used to environment We are proposing a system which is based on the Internet of Things to protect the crops from animals.

IR Sensor, which continuously works in the fields for any animal activities.This component is assisted with the camers which provides higher accurate levels. If the camera fails this IR sensor acts as the backup .It provides a message alert system to the owner when  animals entered in to the farms.