Study of Entrepreneurial Orientation among Indian graduates: Changes in recent times

  • R.B. Pachpute, V.R. Malkar


An inevitable answer to employment shortage is entrepreneurship. For a nation like India that once talked of receiving the demographic dividend rewards, the danger poses a potential threat of a demographic debacle. A crucial attitude change is needed among the youth to choose Business as a career. Average Indian family culture does not energize Business. Consequently, the onus of achieving this change lies with the educational organizations. However, they say that entrepreneurship orientation is more of a demographic trait and cannot be instilled during teaching. The institutions defend by saying that the entrepreneurial bent of mind is something that is in the DNA. It cannot be taught and imposed. This paper reviews the concept of entrepreneurial orientation in the context of Indian settings. It also dwells upon the possibilities that exist for the educational institutions within the limitations, which to are real.