A Bird Eye View On Hridroga In Ayurved Classics

  • Dr. Ram Prakash Singh, Dr. Akashdeep A. Meshram


Hridroga Is Among Those Referenced In Ayurveda Where In The Portrayal Is Very Concise And The Ayurvedic See Point Needs Explanation. Considering The Expanding Proof Of Heart Issues In The Current Occasions This Viewpoint Expects Added Significance. Among The Five Sorts Of Hridroga Portrayed, In Vatika Assortment Ayurveda Appears To Have Considered The Sickness Substance That Goes Under Ischemic Heart Disease. None Of The Other Cardiac Burdens Appear To Have Been Portrayed Under Hridroga. It's Anything But A Couple Of The Introducing Highlights Dependent On This Acute/Significant/Dominating Nature Have Been Depicted Vatika Sotha And Swasa. It Looks Like Torment Ruling Coronary Illness Is Imagined As Hridroga. At The Point When Oedema Is Discovered To Be The Fundamental Introducing Highlight It Is Held Under Vatika Sotha And When Dysponea Is The Primary Side Effect It Is Portrayed As Swasa. The Current Article Embraces To Talk About This Point Exhaustively, In View Of Ayurvedic Ideas Just As Current Information On Medication.