Educational Innovation and Flipped Classroom

  • Luz Mirian Ruiz-Becerra, Oscar López-Regalado, Juan Moreno-Muro, Juan Soplapuco-Montalvo


This review article aimed to analyze scientific production of the flipped classroom methodology and educational innovation from 2017 to 2020, under a bibliographic methodology, as a technique it used the documentary analysis of databases like Ebscohost, Scopus, Eric, Science Direct and Scielo whose sample was 17 articles plus 25 to 30 scientific articles corresponding to years 2017 to 2020. On the other hand, Boolean connectors such as and/or were used, as well as quotes for a more specific search. The prism diagram was used, reaching conclusion on the analysis of selected scientific articles, it is concluded the flipped classroom is a methodology favors the change from traditional teaching process to an interactive teaching-learning process, where it is reinforced with use of technology that attracts attention of students through development of attractive activities promote meaningful learning for student.