An Automated Approach for Web Service Test Case Optimization Using Regression Testing

  • Sirisha K L S , Dr.M.Chandra Mohan


Web services technology enabled enterprise applications to have heterogeneous platform support to make the application development easier. In fact, web services provide inter-operability to enable seamless integration of heterogeneous applications of chain of related businesses. In this regard, there are different services that are developed in house and that are used with API calls provided by third parties. Therefore, web services testing has become very important research area as it is so complex in nature. There are many existing methods for generating test suits for web services and even generation of test cases automatically when changes are made to web services.

A framework is proposed to generate test cases with optimization for regression testing. It has an approach that could accurately determine changes made to web service and the test cases needed to be created or updated and the generation of optimized test cases required by regression testing. Towards this end three different algorithms are proposed and implemented. The experimental results revealed that the proposed framework is useful and paves way for further research in the area of test case generation with more sophistication in future.