Review on Application of Wireless Sensor Networks in Industrial Environment

  • Mrs. Vineeta Philip , Dr. (Prof.) Chanakya Kumar Jha


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are found as perhaps the most convenient and effective mechanismfor gathering information on the industrial shop floor. Industrial WSN (IWSN) is gaining grounds in many expanding industries as the innovation at the lower layers for gathering raw information from the shop floor. The sensor nodes, aside from gathering information, can likewise be utilized to acknowledge strange conditions happening in the process that is being checked by them. This paper investigates latest developments in the industries in utilizing WSN. It insights regarding how the innovation is creating different segments of WSN  in these recent couple of years. The paper likewise portrays the current situation of integration of WSN with industrial measures and later mentions some success stories of overcoming adversity in IWSN. The paper concludes with a short depiction of current focus areas of interest in this field.