Design and Implementation of Iot Enabled Smart Classroom for Sustainable Campus

  • Raja Suresh, S. V. S. Jaya Shyam, Y. Paparayudu, Dr. T. Vasudeva Reddy


Intelligent campuses are built on Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and aim to achieve intelligent campus administration and service. With the introduction of intelligent thermostats, medical wearable appliances connected marketing equipment and others, IoT will certainly facilitate our lives.Resource management systems (RMS) are a significant research direction in IoT. In the current state of RMS research relatively few studies have been able to benefit from a highly useful interior location, especially in smart classrooms. This study has been the outcome of discovering a solution for the development of intelligent classrooms on campuses. In some of the research we analyzed, studies connected to intelligent classroom and significant factors were found for technology and education in intelligent classrooms. But a smart classroom solution can't be found throughout the university. Therefore, in this work, we develop and propose our own intelligent classroom architecture for construction and maintenance of smart classrooms. The intelligent classroom is developed to monitor and regularize activities such as tasks, projects, tutorial presentations and student monitoring or academic monitoring by the faculty, mentor or consultant in real time. Smart campuses can manage collected data more efficiently, bringing comfort to campus service and management, compared with the traditional campus platform. In this study, Raspberry pi with LCD display and the Internet Smartphone were incorporated into the smart classroom concept. This will bring automation, electrical device control, classroom environment monitoring, and also dynamic class scheduling display, and voice recordings. Using the open source application facial recognition, automatic updating of student attendance is used.