Systematic Review of Health Monitoring System using the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Pooja Mishra, Dr. Sandeep Malik


The challenges of health and social care are explicitly reflected by the increasing environmental levels. Technology-dependent livelihoods have become investigators' focal point. In order to solve these healthcare issues, technology has played a crucial role in completing these important tasks. While using technological solutions, expert advice must be used to design , implement and validate them. There is a genuine need for healthcare expenses to be regulated or even reduced while enhancing service quality. The real-time monitoring of the health status of the body organ may be used to assess the health status of a specific organ in order to resolve these challenges; therefore, it would be possible to enable early provision of medical facilities. The technology used in this paper focuses on the ability to concentrate on the physiological data of a person to detect the health of body organs, which may help cure defects. This is done by correctly processing and assessing the collected data from sensors when transmitting health status detection. It supports the finding of organ health status that will facilitate clinical decision-making to provide care.