Forecasting the Next Pandemic: Covid19 using Machine Learning

  • Vani Malagar, Akshita Sharma


COVID-19 has been declared as a pandemic in 2020 and smart technologies have demonstrated their noteworthiness to forcast the consequences of Covid-19 outbreak and to improve the ways of handling such kind of pandemic in future. Smart technologies and machine learning (ML) models have been utilized in numerous applications to predict the impact of Covid-19 on different types of patients with respect to age, health, gender, and medical history. The study has considered various parameters to draw inferences from the data collected worldwide. This experimental study reveals the ability of ML models to figure out the number of upcoming patients infected by COVID-19. The standard dataset from KAGGLE has been used for the research study for predicting the Covid-19 infected patients around the world. In this paper, Machine learning techniques are applied to build the model forpredicting the positive cases from the worst-hit countries with the latest available datasets. The research paper provides insights into theimpact of COVID-19 worldwide. The proposed methods also assist in predicting the futuristic infected cases of Covid-19.