Instant Automobile Crash Recognition System

  • Dr.Y.S.V.Raman, Mulagala MadhuSudhan , Alla Srikanth Reddy, Mallela Sri Harshavardhan, Suroju Babykavyasree


Accidents are a major issue that we face on a daily basis on the streets and highways. The percentage of accidents is rapidly increasing due to overcrowding, and some are due to drunk driving and driver drowsiness. In this project an instant car crash Recognition system with additional characteristics such as drowsiness detection, alcohol sensing and fire accidents sensing systems for vehicles are introduced, which gives a higher chance of reducing road accidents on a daily basis and simultaneously the system locates its geographic location when there is an accident. A system based on a microcontroller was designed using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Global Mobile Communication System (GSM). When a vehicle is hit by another obstacle, the physical strength is collected from the car as the push button input, it is turned on and the accident alert will be sent to the desired person. The pushbutton helps you to recognize a road crash and send data to the microcontroller. In addition, when an accident occurs, the GPS will locate the geographical co-ordinates for that specific location and send a message using the GSM. This allows people in danger to survive with the assistance of the local aid agencies. The system is cheap and user-friendly.