Congestion Avoidance Methods Using Caching Information Technique in Iot and Manets

  • O. V. Sowmya, Z. Shobha Rani


MANET (Mobile Ad hoc Network) is a type of ad hoc network, which consists of mobile devices as the nodes in the network. There will not be any centralized infrastructure. It has many features like multihop communication, dynamic topology. But it has limited resources and limited security. The limitations in resources may cause congestion in the network. Congestion may occur in any intermediate nodes and results in high packet loss, high delay which lead to performance degradation of the network. So congestion control is one of the importance tasks in the MANET. This paper presents a review of different techniques used for the congestion control in the MANET. It can cause congestion that results in increasing transmission delay and packet loss. This problem is more severe in larger networks with more network traffic and high mobility that enforces dynamic topology. To resolve these issues, we present a bandwidth aware routing scheme (BARS) that can avoid congestion by monitoring residual bandwidth capacity in network paths and available space in queues to cache the information. The amount of available and consumed bandwidth along with residual cache must be worked out before transmitting messages. The BARS utilizes the feedback mechanism to intimate the traffic source for adjusting the data rate according to the availability of bandwidth and queue in the routing path