A Review On Application Of Geospatial Technique In Groundwater Potential Zonation

  • Ghanshyam Shakar, Bhumika Das,Brijesh Patel


Water Plays A Very Crucial Role In The Development Of A Country. The Surface Water Resources Are Unable  To Complete The Need Of Water. The Dependency Of  Groundwater Is Too High As Compared To The Surface Water, But Still Proper Explotation Of  The Resources Of Groundwater Has Not Yet Been Done.  This Study Reveals The Application Of Geospatial Technique And Geographical Information System (GIS) To Delineate Different Groundwater Potential Units.  With The Help Of Geospatial Data, Numerous Thematic Layers Can Be Created I.E. Geology, Geomorphology, Slope, Drainage Density, Land Use And Land Cover, Lineament Density Map, Structure. Rainfall Data Can Be Taken From The Meteorological Department. Slope Map Of The Area Can Be Generated Through DEM Of The Area.  Using GIS Rank And Weightage Are Given To Carry Out The Groundwater Potential Map Of The Area.