An Analytical Overview of Advertisement in Narrative of Hindi Cinema

  • Milind Damle, Dr. Prasad Namjoshi


Advertising and film have different purposes. Advertising has a key function to promote a product and reach to the buyers. A film a medium of entertainment is considered as a product has taken help of advertising to promote itself to the audience. Both these different wings have crossed their paths many times in the history. A brand or a product has found its place on the silver screen just as a visual element not hurdling the main storytelling, at times the film narrative has been taken to the product in Hindi cinema. This research studies if advertisement and product placement has entered the narrative over exploiting the visual communication.  The researcher felt the importance of analysing how film makers have introduced a brand in midst of the narrative or have taken the narrative to a place creating a brand for promotion. This study produces worthwhile information about the correlation of advertisement and the cinematic narrative.