Identification Of Person With Mask Using Deep Learning

  • Y.Md.Riyazuddin, M.Laxmi Prasanna, M.Rangabhagavan Reddy, R.Krishna Chaitanya, N.Rohith Reddy


 Covid19 Pandemic Infections Are Spread By Breathing Airborne Particles In The Air And Protective Suits, And But Use A Surgical Mask To Fight Infections Is A Good Idea. Prevention

Recommendation, According To Medical Experts From Around The World. Furthermore, Both Public And Private Utility Providers Require Customers To Could Use The Facility If Their Properly Wearing  
 A Few Scientific Studies Regarding Mask Detection Including Ai Technology (Ai) & Image Recognition, But At The Other Hand, Have Been Discovered. We Propose Mobile Net Mask, A Multi-Phase Facial Mask Recognition, Haar Cascade Classifier Design For Reducing Serious Transmitting Of Sars-Cov-2, In This Article. For Develop & Validate A Method For Analyzing Faces In Photographs And Video Even With A Face Mask Streams, Two Separate Face Mask Datasets With 1,000 Images Were Used.