Detection Of Covid-19 Using Chest X-Ray Images

  • Y.Md.Riyazuddin, T.Rajesh,K.Srinivasa Kiran , M.Sri Sai Akhil, G.Sandhya


Deep Learning Has Made Considerable Progress In Past Several Years, And It Now Plays An Important Part In Image Classification, Including Medical Imaging. Convolutional Neural Networks (Cnn) Has Shown That To Be Successful In Detecting Diseases Such As.Cnn, Like Other Cases, Has A Good Chance Of Identifying Covid 19 Patients Using Diagnostic Images Such As Chest X-Rays. To Assess A Covid 19 Patient, A Healthcare Considered To Takes A Nasal Sample With A Long Swab. After That, The Sample Is Analyzed In A Laboratory. When An Individual Coughs, The Saliva (Sputum) Is Expelled For Testing. Even When Wiped Out, A Person Will Test Negative In Some Cases. They May Have An Infection In Their Lungs But Not Be Able To Expel It Near Their Nose, Or The Test Was Not Performed Correctly. As A Result, We Are Now More Focused On Chest X-Rays (Cxr) To Detect Abnormalities In The Respiratory Tract Or Lungs. Based On This Discovery, A Cnn Model Is Proposed To Analyse Covid-19 Patients From TheĀ  Chest X Ray Images. The Findings Are Promising, With A Covid-19 Diagnosis Accuracy Rate Of 91.67 Percent.