Research On Technological Impact On Visual Communication Under The Influence Of Digital Media

  • Jagadeeswaran Kesavan


Digital Information Design (Formerly Graphic Design) Is An Artistic Practice At The Most Simple Level That Blends Visual And Technical Arts With Concepts. The Message Begins By Translating Into Visual Communication In The Hands Of A Talented Designer Who Transcends Simple Words And Pictures. Visual Communication Architecture Evolves Quickly With The Advent Of New Media Technologies. The Speed Of People's Fast-Running Life Continuously Increases The Existing Need For Different Kind Of Information And The Original Expression Of Knowledge No Longer Satisfies People's Needs Information Needs, Variety And Accessibility Are New Information Needs For The Public. The Nature Of Visual Communication Often Changes As The Needs Of People Shift. New Features Have Been Provided Under The Control Of Digital Technology, Contributing To A New Transition. This Paper Reflects On The Graphic Communication Style In The New Media Era. The Planet Is Now In Digital Times, With The Exponential Evolution Of Science And Technology. In Such Periods The Material Is Disseminated In A Number Of Ways, Which Largely Satisfies Living And Work Criteria For Citizens. Meanwhile, Digital Times Still Have A Strong Effect On The Teaching Of Visual Communication Design And Add Several Developments To The Teaching Of Visual Communication Design. Under Those Conditions, Teachers Need To Innovate In Teaching Visual Communication Design In Conjunction With Interactive Time Characteristics And The Visual Communication Design Teaching Process. This Document Explored And Addressed In Connection With The Brief Emergence Of Visual Communication Design Teaching And The Impact Of Digital Time On Visual Communication Design Education In The Digital Age.