Analysis on Efficient Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

  • Dr. Srinivas Jhade


Strong research interests have recently been developed in energy efficient routing and electricity control techniques in wireless ad hoc networks. Ad hoc mobile networking is a challenge as there are no network resources or frequent changes in the topology of the network. Much research has been done in support of QoS online and other networks, but ad hoc mobile networks are not appropriate. In this research, the concept of a stable backbone-based nodeshow is introduced into the network topologies scenario in order to improve existing on-demand routing protocols.Mobile MANET nodes tend to spread information exchange packets and utilize a wide range of network resources, such as the capacity of each bandwidth and packet forwarding battery for each node. Consequently, the conservation of network resources is essential to the continuous maintenance of the quality of network services. By reducing routing messages duplicates, you can find an optimum routing algorithm using minimum network resource resources that improves network performance, and you can save on every bandwidth and energy consumption node.