Network Traffic Based Detection of Repackaged Android Apps via Mobile Fog Computing

  • MA Rahim Khan, Dr. Shivani Dubey, Dr. RC Tripathi


Repackaged apps are the biggest challenge in the Android ecosystem. Many tools are available in the market to detect the repackaged apps. Most of the tools and recent researches comparing the original apps with suspected apps to detect the repackaged apps. Into this one more biggest challenge to choose the original. The solution to this problem to make an official android store for all original apps. However, the pairwise comparison is not the optimum solution because it is time-consuming and inefficient to repackage detection apps.

This paper proposes an approach to detect the repackaged apps using network traffic-based clustering using Fog Computing. The main observation to collect the network traffics to trace the plaintext for original and repackaged app detection. During analyzing of traffics, extracting the statistical feature, calculate the similarity between app. Here, the clustering automatically separates both types of apps, such as a repackaged and original app. The experiment analyses the performance of the proposed approach with minimum complexity and high precision and reduces the effort of mobile computing to resolve the malware.