Towards Secure Electronic Voting Using An Improved Face Recognition Model For Electoral Fraud Detection

  • Lalitha R, Kanimozhi Suguna S,Saravanan J,Shanthosh K P,Vigneshwar K, Dimitrios A. Karras


At the heart of every democracy is a commitment to hold regular, free and fair elections. Elections empower the electorate with the right to choose who governs them. There has been a constant evolution in the voting system, with each new system getting better than the one before. Still, the possibility of electoral fraud remains, which leads to doubts regarding the result. A system that uses a facial recognition system can authenticate individuals before they cast their vote by verifying their face with the image associated with their Electoral Photo Identity Card number to prevent impersonation. Repetition of voters can be identified by running a facial recognition scan on voter's face against everyone who has already cast their vote. The system would also maintain an electronic poll book which could be used to get the count of votes registered in a particular constituency to detect ballot stuffing or tampering of Electronic Voting Machines.