Framework of ATM Architecture Deliberation and TCP/IP Performance for 5G Network: An Overview

  • Deepty Dubey, Dr. Thipendra Pal Singh, Dr. Arup Bhattacharjee,


Rapid advancements in ATM and communications technology will create a plethora of new opportunities for value-added services. Video conferencing, audio/video transmission, and high-resolution image documents are just a few examples of interactive as well as distribution services. Current network communication trends indicate that new services are being prioritised over point-to-point data communications. Mobile services, direct broadcasting, private networks and hybrid high-speed networks are all gaining popularity. These networks would be developed on satellite fibre-linked networks. It is necessary to design new network designs that interact easily with current standards, interfaces and higher-layer protocols in a 5G environment to fully implement these integrated systems utilising TCP/IP.