A Novel Approach On Synthetic Drugs: A Review Article

  • Dr. Kiran Rana, Dr. Sonesh Utkar, Dr. Anjana. J, Dr. Satej Banne, Dr. Rekha Parmar, Dr. Pooja Modh


Medicinal plants constitute an effective source of Ayurvedic, Traditional and Modern system of medicine. A large percentage of plants used in the practice of Ayurveda and herbal medicines are subjected to controversial botanical source, adulteration and substitution.

Material & Methodology: Information regarding the synthetic drugs are classified and presented systematically from classical Ayurvedic literature, journals, and internet media in regards to the understanding and relevance of the topic.

Discussion: A rational substitution of the herbal drug is done with synthetic drug based on the similarities of the Guna (qualities) and Karma (actions) of the drug. There should be wide and proper validation and authentication of the drug based on the Ayurvedic parameters and modern principles.

Conclusion: This systematic review is presented with view briefly summarizing the relevance of synthetic drugs and its usage across classical Ayurvedic literature with contemporary science.