To study the strategies used by the NGOs to enhance the visual communication through websites to increase their reach

  • Dr. Nutan Kanegaonkar


There are hundreds of NGO’s or self help groups working for needy. NGO are the need of society. There are many deprived people in society who are unable feed themselves and do not even have shelter. These NGO’s are working for such homeless people. There are many old organizations that work for needy but were not properly structured. Or many be they were small scale and now are a huge organization. They are having a strong social presence. They are majorly known for their extensive work but the publicity mediums are helping them to reach out more. In today time world is developing at a fast rate and developing in all the sectors. People have become progressive. We are living in a global village, where every day a new technology is developing or a new invention is taking place. We have advanced in all the fields like medicine, engineering, aerospace, trade, ammunition, automation and sectors. With progress in these fields we have been successful in developing the global media. From newspapers to electronic media there has been a great evolution in its form and its content presentation. It has been proved to be the best ways of mass communication. In recent times with the development in internet facilities the new media has emerged that is web media. With the help of computers it is easy to do work. It is time saving and helps to do smart work. There are many factors responsible for the emergence of new media. The world is coming closer due to digital development. We can be connected to each other even if we are living in two corners of the world. The NGO’s are having their websites which have most of the information about their work and activities. The NGO usually post photos or videos on their websites and lately on the social media portals. They have significance as they are uploaded for a purpose which might very organization to organization.