Interactive Learning through Visual Communication- A Multimedia Tool

  • Bharti Motwani ,Dr. Geetali Tilak


  • In this COVID-19 -19 situation, when it comes to learning, no matter what the current situation Whether teachers follow online teaching method or blended approach, the process of teaching- learning goes on and is inevitable. The lesson is a lesson regardless of its location and it always involves an exchange of information, communication, and active interaction between teachers and students. Visual communication and interactive learning are key to help the teachers achieve their pedagogical goals and engage the students productively. And the prime objective of this research is to highlight the importance and benefits of visual communication as a learning tool in teaching. Interactive learning through visual communication will allow us to implement creative and innovative ideas to make the teaching-learning process more interesting. Additionally, education trends combined with technology can help the teachers incorporate rich interactive experiences in teaching methods and achieve desirable results. A detailed survey method has been adopted to understand the importance of using visual communication as a learning tool and the outcome claims that using visual communication as a learning tool adds more value and clarity to the lesson and make the overall teaching a more enriching experience. Educators will bring learning materials to life using interactivity making the class fun and engaging while increasing the participation rate among students.