Socio-Cultural Effects Of Visual Representation Through Animated Films With Special Reference To Movie- Inside Out & Zootopia.

  • Debahuti Chakravorty , Dr. Geetali Tilak et. al


With the rapid development of science and technology, the world of animated cinema has evolved by leaps and bounds. While animated films of the past were targeted for a specific audience especially children, the same cannot be said anymore in the present day about this highly popular genre of cinema. Commercially successful films like Frozen, Zootopia, Kungfu Panda, Despicable Me, Inside Out, Wall-E, Ice-age, are just a few examples of the increasing popularity of the animated movies. All the aforementioned titles have found great appeal and have mesmerized children and elders alike. The story of any film plays an important role in capturing its audience and eventually determining a film’s critical acclaim and financial success. The story concept ties together various visual elements which gives shape to the story teller's vision and contribute to the overall effect of an animated film.The main aim of this research is to explore the effectiveness of visual representation in animated films while spreading social awareness.

The basic objective of the study is to study the Socio-cultural effects of visual representation in animated films.

The researcher implied qualitative methods for the research.

This study is anticipated to be a pioneering activity in exploring the effectiveness of animated films in spreading social awareness.