“Utilization of Visual Communication designs in the power of Digital Media”

  • Mr. Bharat Jadhav ,Mr. Kunal Lanjekar


Fast modifications are taking place in visual journalism with online, multimedia and multi- platform publishing. Magazines as well as newspapers which are working as websites and available on mobile phones with the potentials for video content and interactivity. By having the development of digital media technology, visual communication design develops rapidly. The speed of people's fast-paced existence makes the present demand for a variety of types of information constantly enlarge, and the innovative information appearance can no longer satisfy the requirements of people Information needs, multiplicity and convenience are the new necessities of people for information release. Visual communication design also progress as people's needs change. Under the power of digital media, visual communication design has been given new features, ensuing in a new change. This paper mainly evaluates the visual communication design in the digital media era.