Integrated Reallocation Services Using The Web Application

  • *Pawankumar Singh , Shaikh Mohammad Bilal Naseem


Web services are an essential part of modern technology. Several critical applications and functions are accessible directly through the internet. This global availability makes it easier for people to connect with the processes and function of web service even when they are away from the workplace. Google map is itself a service that can be added to a web service for improving functionality. Google map helps for traveling and transporting to different places for unknown directions and the route to be followed. It also introduces the basic navigation operation, such as showing the direction with the optimal route between the origin and the destination and calculating the distance and the expected driving time. Shifting from one place to another was a very tough job because the person needs to arrange all their goods, porter, and vehicle for transportation from source to destination. In this paper, we are developing a web application by which the user can easily track the route of transportation using Google map which will provide a solution for all the above-mentioned problems related to shifting