Modeling And Analysis Of Differential Geear Box In Vechicles

  • prasad Matam , dr. Nilesh Diwakar, dr. A. Rajasekhar


The differential can be expressed as a gear train used to control the speed and torque to the rear wheels. While proceeding, the fundamental necessity of the vehicle is to control the speed of rear wheels with the goal that the vehicle turns easily on road surface. The differential basically comprises of three shafts and gear train plan. The main shaft is propeller shaft which gives the need torque and speed to differential for turn. The other two shafts are hub shafts mounted for each rear wheels. These shafts are joined to propeller shaft by crown gear and pinion game plan in this way making a slope pair of gears. The two fundamental pieces of differential transmission system, one is crown gear which gives suitable speed to turn the vehicle and another is pinion which gives permissible speed and torque to turning the vehicle. Hence, the analysis of such crown gear and pinion makes need for strength. The principle objective of this paper is to perform mechanical plan of differential gear box and analysis of gears in gear box. We have taken dark cast iron and aluminum compound materials for leading the analysis.