Innovative Field Experimental Setup for Swelling Pressure Tests

  • Abdullah Ansari , Dr. Prashant B Daigavane


        Although the swelling pressure measured in the laboratory is not practical and is influenced by various criteria, it is undoubtedly important to calculate the swelling pressure of the soil on a larger scale, i.e., to determine the field swelling pressure that is very necessary if there is a case of foundation construction in black cotton soils. New innovations are discussed in this paper to solve this issue. The aim of the innovation is to create a field experimental set up to evaluate the field swelling pressure in order to escape the said defects and to reduce the effect of the scale produced in the laboratory determination. An revolutionary method for calculating the swelling pressure of black cotton soils, which is very easy in the region, is also the purpose of the innovation to be proposed. In order to reliably calculate the swelling pressure of black cotton soils, this new setup involves the installation of load cells as well as LVDT with digital display.