Investigation of Landfill Failure in Urban Areas

  • Abdullah Ansari , Dr. Prashant B Daigavane


     The key issues posed by the geoenvironmental engineers include the safeguarding of uncontaminated subsurface fields, as well as the restoration of subsurface premises sullied by the discharge of waste products, the overflowing over field and underground storage ponds, and the intrusion of pesticides. Refusals and waste goods are typically dumped in landfills in urban areas. A landfill site otherwise referred to as a waste dump used for the disposal of waste materials by burial. A healthy landfill is the purposely constructed sorrow on the field in which the waste is placed. The main objective is to stay away from any water-based association between waste and the surrounding environment, especially groundwater. This paper examines the construction, stability and failure of landfill sites in various countries, such as Turkey, Israel and China.