Application of Geotextiles in Road Construction

  • Abdullah Ansari , Dr. Prashant B Daigavane


       The present scenario in India demands maximum transit facilities to develop at a low cost within shortest feasible time. Analysis performed on majority of the failed roads owe them to the founding soil over which these roads were constructed. Jute geo-textiles, produced abundantly in this subcontinent, may be used beneficially and economically with great efficacy for stabilization of such weak sub-grades. Though there have been extremely limited but successful construction of roads over soft soils using jute geo-textile in India, their systematic use is yet to be resorted to. Since the experience gained from their adoption in practice and also from ongoing research certainly prove to be rewarding, the geotechnical community should perhaps exploit this potential and encourage such applications which result in enhanced performance of highways at an optimal cost. A tentative design methodology thought to be adopt for this is also presented.